7. Allele Detail Interface

Allele Detail Interface provides detailed information of each allele. the information includes basic information , morphological images , quantitative single-cell measurements within each image , online visualization tool and PhenoBlast results .

Detailed information includes 3 parts:
  • Basic information of this allele includes its allele name, gene name, ORF, alias and Cross Reference Links to other Databases.
  • Phenotypic images includes phenotypic images and their statistics in each one of six subcellular compartments.
    user can navigate the tab to see the compartment user interested.

    The system provides three functionality for each image:
    i) Downloading original Tif image.
    ii) View and Operate image with ImageJ

    iii) View quantitative each single cell information within the image.
  • PhenoBlast Details includes fifty alleles which are the most similar ones to the current allele by compare 865 cell shape features among 773 alleles. The result page of PhenoBlast and match result details are showed below.

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