5. PhenoMutaDev - Phenotypic Mutation Deviation

PhenoMutaDev provides comparison between features of each allele and corresponding ones of wild-type in two different temperatures with customized settings, such as cell and subcellular compartment, temperature and bud size etc.

5.1. Starting PhenoMutaDev with default settings

i). The easy way to use PhenoMutaDev is that user can directly press the " Run PhenoMutaDev" button with default settings.

5.2. Starting PhenoMutaDev with customized settings

All parameters are grouped into 5 steps according to parameter type.

i). In " Step 1", cell and subcellular compartment parameter is selected in this step.
Cell parameter include Cell and Mother Daughter features.
Subcellular compartment parameter includes Actin, Dna damage, Nucleus, Mitochondria, Plasma membrane and Spindle features.

ii). In " Step 2", Temperature parameter is selected in this step.
Temperature parameter includes 26, 32 or both.

iii). In " Step 3", bud size parameter is selected in this step.
Bud size includes unbud, small bud, medium bud and large bud ( HELP).

iv). In " Step 4", Ontology and Set Cutoff is selected in this step.
This database integrated a function of Gene Ontology (GO) enrichment analysis implemented by GO-TermFinder.
The genes of top fifty hit alleles in PhenoMutaDev result are used to execute GO enrichment analysis.

v). In " Step 5", PhenoMutaDev result count is selected in this step.
PhenoTempDev result count means how many rows will show in the result page?

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