1. Search

Search function includes Quick Search and Morphology Search.

1.1. Quick Search

Quick Search is a simple method for users to search for specific genes.

i). In the homepage of this database, input a keyword, which can either be a definite word, such as a full allele name smc1-2 or gene name smc1 or ORF YFL008W or Alias CHL10 , or a partial word smc in the input box next to " Quick Search".

ii). System will generate a pull-down menu, listing all words which contain keyword user specified, above the input box similar to Google Suggestion. User can either choose a suggested word or directly Click on the " Go" button.

iii). Click on the " Go" button, the system will return with a page of " Search results", which contains essential information of a particular allele including its allele name, ORF, Gene Name, Alias and Type (wild-type or mutant).

iv). The button " Browse" enables user to view all the alleles within this database. Press the button " Browse", all the records will be returned.

1.2. Morphology Search

Morphology Search is designed for users to search alleles based on cell shape features and compartment numbers within a single cell.

In the Morphology Search Page, All parameters are grouped into 4 steps according to parameter type.

i). In " Step 1", bud size parameter is selected in this step.
Bud size includes unbud, small bud, medium bud and large bud ( HELP).

ii). In " Step 2", Temperature parameter is selected in this step.
Temperature parameter includes 26, 32 or both.

iii). In " Step 3", Compartment Object Count parameter is selected in this step.
The default value in each input box is zero (0) and it means this parameter will not be involved in the search.
The system provide the maximum value of compartment object count after each input box.

iv). In " Step 4",Cell Features parameter is selected in this step.
Like Step 3, if the default values of "From" and "To" are zero (0) and it means this feature will not be involved in the search.
The system also gives some features default values which is different to zero to facilitate user to execute example search.
Like Step 3, the system also provide the maximum and minimum value of each feature after each input box.

1.3. Detailed Information

No matter conducting Quick Search or Morphology Search, a list of genes which matches your search criteria will be returned. Then you can click on the allele Name you interested. Its detailed information will be returned. Allele Detail Interface

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