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Step 1: Select Bud Size
Bud Size Unbud Small Bud Medium Bud Large Bud
 Select All Bud Size

Step 2: Select Temperature
Temperature 26 32 both

Step 3: Select Compartment Object Count  (how many compartment objects at least within a single cell)
Actin Object Count         [0-24]
Dna damage Object Count         [0-12]
Nucleus Object Count         [0-5]
Mitochondria Object Count         [0-5]
Plasma membrane Object Count         [0-3]
Spindle Object Count         [0-5]

Step 4: Select Cell Features
Cell Area    From To [10.618-71.804]
Cell Perimeter    From To [14.107-46.23]
Cell Length    From To [5.908-16.533]
Cell Breadth    From To [2.477-10.933]
Budneck length (Only for Bud)    From To [0.553-6.656]
Roundness    From To [1-2.69]

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